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About Us

Experience The Difference

At Dental Center of Jacksonville, maintaining the comfort and relaxation of our valued patients is always a top priority! That’s why Dr. Jignesh Patel has invested in enjoyable amenities and comfort-based technology – we want you and your family to feel at ease during each and every appointment. Contact us today to schedule your first visit, or if you have any questions or concerns our team can help you with.

Painless Anesthetic Delivery

Woman relaxing outdoorsAdministering anesthetic to ensure a more pleasant treatment experience is an important part of dental care, but our doctors understand that even this portion of your appointment can be a dreaded one. Because of this, we’ve created a smoother, safer process that’s fear-free. Here in Jacksonville, FL, we follow these three steps:

  • Extra-strength, flavored topical gel is precisely administered to your gum tissue at the site of the requested treatment. The gel has a very fast and effective result, allowing patients to receive the follow-up injection of anesthetic without any uncomfortable “pinching” sensation.
  • Our DentalVibe technology essentially “tricks” the patient’s brain by administering fast vibrations to the injection area. You’ll be so distracted that you won’t even realize the actual injection is happening until it’s already over!
  • Our anesthetic is precisely warmed to match your body’s internal temperature and pH, which means that the body won’t react to it as a foreign material (which is the source of most injection pain) and will stay calmer overall.

In addition to these advanced processes, every member of our team is well-trained in helping patients manage their anxiety and feel well taken care of throughout their appointment. Sedation dentistry is available as well to help take the edge off common feelings of nervousness or fear and replace them with a sense of ease and comfort.

Our Amenities

Beverage Bar

Man enjoying hot cup of teaFeeling thirsty before or after your appointment? Our beverage bar is always available, offering ice-cold water, quality coffee products, and other tasty drinks that can give your day a much-needed boost. The dentist’s office shouldn’t have to be a sterile, formal place – we want you to feel right at home during each and every visit.


Mother and daughter using tablet togetherFor some patients, being able to stay distracted during their dental care is a big help. If you’d like, our Jacksonville team will be happy to provide you with an Ipad to enjoy over the course of your appointment that’s outfitted with Bluetooth, headphones, and Netflix for watching your favorite movies and TV shows!

Cozy Blankets

Mother and daughter snuggling up in blanketWe enjoy helping our valued patients feel right at home when they’re at Dental Center of Jacksonville. If you’re cold or uncomfortable in any way while sitting in the dental treatment chair, ask one of our team members to get you a blanket to wrap yourself up in. You’ll feel comforted and nicely warm as your smile’s health and beauty is improved.

Neck Pillows & Eyewear

Woman taking a nap using neck pillowSometimes, patients can struggle with holding their head/jaw in one certain position for an extended period of time, especially if they’re undergoing a more complex procedure. Neck pillows can provide a comfy cushion in these instances – and they’re nicely scented as well! If you’d like to block out the sights our dental office and be at peace with your thoughts, dark, protective eyewear is also available upon request.

Isolite Patient Comfort System

Our team is proud to use the Isolite® System to help patients feel even more at ease throughout their treatment. We’ll provide a soft mouthpiece that effectively shields the patient’s tongue and cheek while also giving them a comfortable way to rest their jaw. Liquids and saliva can be suctioned out more effectively as well, and illumination from inside the mouth makes treatment speedier. Our goal is to keep you relaxed, fear-free, and surprised when your appointment’s already over!

Intraoral Cameras

Sometimes, one of the main sources of anxiety for patients is that they’re not fully understanding the issues they’re experiencing with their oral health and what our Jacksonville team is doing to correct them. We believe that you should know exactly what we know, and that’s why we use advanced intraoral cameras to give you a personal tour of the inside of your mouth. With these high-resolution images, helping patients become full partners in their dental care journey has never been easier!

You’re Always Welcome

Are you or a family member experiencing a dental emergency that needs immediate attention? Contact Dental Center of Jacksonville right away for the immediate, supportive attention you need. We welcome walk-ins and will provide same-day treatment for much-needed relief. Our extended evening and weekend hours are also great news for even the busiest of schedules!

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