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Dental implant Placement – Jacksonville, FL

The Process, Timeline and Recovery of Dental Implants

A closeup of a mouth with an integrated implant.

Dental implants are considered to be the most effective solution to tooth loss in dentistry to date because of their longevity, restorative benefits and incredibly lifelike appearance. But when people learn about dental implants for the first time, the concept can be difficult to grasp. Dr. Landis, who will be performing the placement portion of your implant at the Dental Center of Jacksonville, notes that placement of your implant takes time because of planning, healing and recovery. If you’re still not sure if dental implants are the right treatment for you, keep reading to learn the details of the process. To speak with a dentist from our office, give us a call!

The Dental Implant Process

An older couple examining an X-ray.

The dental implant process consists of three main stages. These include the placement stage, the healing stage, and the restoration stage. Prior to these phases of treatment, our office carefully plans your oral surgery in order to ensure the most successful treatment possible. This includes confirming that your oral health is in good condition and that enough bone tissue is present for implants to adhere too. After determining your eligibility, we’ll perform the placement stage of your treatment. This involves opening your gum tissue, placing the implant, then closing the tissue for healing. After several months of healing and multiple follow-up visits to confirm that integration is happening, we’ll reopen the gum tissue in order to place the abutment. This attachment allows the restoration to remain stable and sturdy on the implant post. After the gum tissue has healed around the abutment, we can place the permanent restoration on top.

The Timeline for Dental Implants

An older man speaking with a dental employee.

The length of treatment largely varies depending on where the implant is placed and the current condition of your bone tissue. However, the average implant treatment does take between four and six months to complete, so it’s important to keep that timeframe in mind should you choose implants to replace teeth. The reason why this timeline is so long is because it takes time for the titanium implant post to integrate with your bone tissue. This process, known as osseointegration, ensures that the implant stays adhered inside your jaw in the long-term.

Recovery After Surgery

A woman sleeping.

Once the initial surgery is complete, you’ll need to take it easy over the next several weeks. Like any oral surgery for dental implants, the length needed will vary depending on the complexity of your treatment. For example, recovery can be influenced by:

  • The number of implants being placed
  • Bone grafting procedures
  • Your body’s natural ability to heal

Regardless, there are many ways you can promote proper healing after implant surgery. For example, you should avoid smoking for at least one week after surgery, albeit smoking of any kind is bad for your oral health. Avoid alcohol, hot drinks and make sure to keep a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep to a soft diet. Blending fruits and vegetables into smoothies is a perfect way to accomplish this, but you can also puree certain foods and drink protein shakes. Our office will go over a general list of foods you can eat as you heal over the next 7 to 30 days. Furthermore, you should avoid exercising for at least four days after surgery.

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